In 23 years of being a licensed realtor in the state of California, I have sold hundreds of homes, including, and, representing such famous sellers as Bank of America. Sometimes I was approached by people who, for various reasons, had to delay the sale, but there were also stubborn sellers who taught me a lot.
All this for me is invaluable lessons and my experience, which I share with you. Behind each example is a real story, and more than one.

10 effective ways NOT to sell your home.
written by Irene Borz, Broker, who is selling homes in California since 1997

1. This is really number one:  List the property substantially overpriced.  Heck, why not?!
The result will be lack of interest, no showings.  And this is not it!  When you decrease the price after sitting a month on the market, it will only make the buyers suspicious, "Probably something's wrong with this house, nobody buys it."
2. Save money on the pre-sale preparations: clean up, paint, floor replacement, moving stuff to a storage... Oh, one more - invite a friend Jinny instead of a professional stager!  That for sure will help your neighbor sell his house faster and for higher price, because he renovated, decluttered  and hired professional stagers.
3. Show the house only at the time convenient for you. Forbid use of an electronic lock-box for Realtors - no one can enter the house in your absence!
Realtors do not need the headache and extra time spent scheduling the showing with you, with buyers and with their own errands. Your home will be sitting on the market, ultimately this will affect the price.  Although, you will get emotional pleasure in realization of the paradigm "My House - My Rules!"
4. Your grandma's armchair, which occupies half of the kitchen, will make a strong impression on the visitors. It will be difficult for them to imagine the kitchen as their own, without THE armchair. But again, why should you care about stupid people who can not appreciate such a masterpiece?!
5. Personal hygiene items, soaking cloth and full trash cans on display are very helpful if you don't want to sell. Once, I was almost knocked off my feet by a customer who jumped out of a bathroom. The smelly bucket in the tub convinced her not to buy despite the attractive price.
6. Listing a home with your newly licensed nephew or an uncle who lives several hundred miles away is definitely good for supporting the relatives. But unlikely to benefit you. Do not forget - Real Estate is always local, and it takes time to master it.
7. Don't order professional inspections before the sale. When the buyers discover that the heater is broken, the roof is leaking, and the termites have been eating the wall, they will either withdraw from the deal or ask for a good price cut. You do not agree, the house goes back on market, and you have to explain to all potential buyers why that happened.  But you're not in a hurry, are you?

8. Nothing entertains neighbors like a good loud family fight. If such events are a regular part of your schedule, keep yelling at each other. And not because the buyers are terrified - you are unlikely to hear the doorbell at all.

9. A wall in the kitchen covered with skulls of fish you caught, a purple ceiling in your daughter's bedroom, paper figures affixed to the walls, a huge collection of empty bottles will give your home a unique personality. But the shocked buyers will pass on looking for something more familiar to them.

10. Cracks on the path to the house, in which heels get stuck and break, accompanied by foul language that drowns out the crackle of a broken heel, and thorny bushes in front of the entrance, tearing clothes of visitors, prepare buyers for the current in the house and the air conditioner is not working. And this will also help (and a lot!) Not to sell your house.

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