About Me

Irene Borz * TM

    I came to the United States with a huge desire for success, not a single word of the English language and no driving experience whatsoever. There was no doubt in my mind in which industry to work - it had to be Real Estate, it has always been my passion.
I learned English "on the side," in the course of getting my professional real-estate license. Every other word in the book Real Estate Principles was underscored and a translation was written above it. It also quickly became apparent that I would need to know how to drive if I were to drive my real-estate business forward. Within 3 weeks of arriving in the United States I passed my driving test.

    In about 4 months after coming to the US, I told my husband, "We need to buy a house."
His jaw dropped. "What are you talking about?! I just started working, we do not have money, no credit history... How can we buy a house?!"

     Well, I did not have the exact answers, I just knew it had to happen. In exactly a year we moved to our own home in San Jose. Not our dream home, but it was ours! It became the base from which I started my business and actively grew it to be one of the top producers in RE/MAX for California and Hawaii.

     We sold the first house within two years and settled into a much nicer home in the Almaden area where our junior son Greg went to excellent schools. Recently, Greg received his bachelor's degree in economics from UC Santa Cruz.

    In 2003, I opened my own brokerage. Had I known how many problems the owner of a small business would have to handle, I would not have opened it. But as the saying goes, "They did not know it was impossible so they did it."
With the help of my husband Gary and my older son Dominique who also became Realtors®, I have sold 500+ houses in Bay Area.

  1 Team Realtors now consists of 15 Realtors®.

   I proudly brag - the level of my clients' satisfaction is very high. The reason is this: I am passionate, about  the success of my clients more than about my own success

   If I was motivated enough to pass my driving test within 3 weeks of arriving to a foreign country, I am motivated to sell your home just as quickly with 20 years of experience to draw from. My clients continue referring my service to friends and relatives, many of them repeatedly for many years. I hope to see your name among them!


Irene Borz