About Me

Irene Borz * TM


op Producer (21 years experience)


Buyer's Agent,
Listing Agent,
Property Management


Our Clients Say:  Our Clients Say Irene Borz is a licensed since 1997  real estate  powerful Broker. She focuses her 
practice exclusively on selling homes and  has successfully sold hundreds 
homes, including selling  real estate assets for  largest 
American financial and legal institutions,  auctions companies and for private parties.  Irene has extensive experience in   selling distressed properties  like short sales and closing transactions subject to Court approvals including probate and bankruptcy 
cases.  In addition to regular all inclusive real estate services  Irene 
provides the following real estate services: broker 
price opinions, home evaluations and market analysis and recommendations for 
repairs.  Irene's outstanding negotiation skills  experience and deep 
professional knowledge help her close very complicated cases. 

Irene Borz is an energetic positively thinking professional,  hard worker and a true advocate for her clients best interests  
Since 1997 Irene  is selling throughout the Bay Area, including Santa Clara, 
San Mateo, San Francisco, Alameda, Monterey and Santa Cruz counties. 

Irene Borz has numerous professional rewards and recognitions. 
When you hire Irene - you hire her entire team of professionals to work for 
you. Irene will be your  one connection to all relevant services. 

In her spare time, Mrs Borz likes  maintain  together with her husband Gary 
their rancho style home,  enjoy her family and friends, travel and  attend art exhibitions and concerts.